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The most comprehensive free range chicken farming manual for South Africa. Buy it now for only $10!

In this manual, we offer you simple and workable tips on how you can rear the finest free-range chicken in South Africa. The best way to rear healthy and tasty chicken is always to do it as nature had intended through human and ethical practices and with less congestion and fewer chemicals. Such a production system produces healthy and tasty chicken that you will certainly love eating. Our free-range chicken farming manual gives you the tips that you need to succeed in this kind farming.

We offer you tips on how you can build and run a highly profitable free range chicken farm in South Africa where you can rear your free-roaming and grain-fed chickens free of chemicals and antibiotics and maximize on production in this traditional system. We give you useful tips on how you can make the best of this production model through proper breed selection, proper biosecurity, proper housing, proper brood management for the free-range chicken and proper feeding. We include tips on the free range chicken feed formulation that helps you save on costs while still delivering well balanced and nutritious feeds to supplement the pasture-fed or grain-fed chicken feeding programme.

There is always a philosophy amongst the ethical farming practitioners in South Africa that happy chicken makes the tastiest of the chickens, and here, we offer you natural farming practices mixed with improved commercial techniques that will preserve the meat and egg quality while maximizing on your free-range farm production. With the help of our free-range chicken farming manual, you will learn the important techniques that will help you produce chicken which is a clean and very healthy source of protein.

A lot of South Africans are now embracing the ethically produced “clucking happy” chicken and you will certainly get a good market for your product if you follow our simple and straightforward tips on how to make the free chicken farming model work for you. Please take the time to buy and “roam free” about our free range chicken farming manual and learn the useful tips that create success for the best free chicken farmers in South Africa. The best part is that it is that it is available at a very low cost of only $10.

The Free Range Chicken Farming Manual covers a very broad range of topics and helpful farming practices. These include the following:

  • How to Choose the Best Breeds for Your Free Range Farming
  • Free Range Chicken Housing
  • Free Range Chicken Feeds and Feeding Guide
  • Health and Disease Management in Your Free Range Chicken Breeds
  • Free Chicken Vaccines and Vaccination Guide
  • Free Range Chicken Brooding and Chick Placement
  • Free Range Chicken Marketing
  • Record Keeping for Your Free Range Chicken Farming Business
  • Free Range Chicken Processing Guide